Shiraoka Kendo Kai


Shiraoka Kendo Kai is a kendo dojo currently based in Bellshill and the only dojo practising kendo in the Lanarkshire area.

Founded in 2008 and led by Gareth Spiers 5th Dan Certified BKA Coach, we are committed to the practice and promotion of kendo locally and nationwide. The name Shiraoka Kendo Kai (白丘剣道会: Whitehill Kendo Association) comes from the Whitehill area of Hamilton where the club was initially founded.

We welcome those who wish to start kendo with Beginner’s Courses. Click for more info!

We meet every Wedensday at 8:00pm at the Sir Matt Busby Leisure Centre in Bellshill. Directions and e-mail details can be found at the Contact & Location page for those who have any enquiries.

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News and updates about the club can also be found on our Facebook and Twitter. Follow us!