Shiraoka Kendo Kai

Thistle Cup 2017

Members of Shiraoka visited and competed in the 13th Thistle Cup, the only taikai exclusive to Scotland and hosted every year by Aberdeen Kendo Club.

With four seperate tournaments in the form of a Kyu cup, a ladies taikai, a 3rd and 4th Dan taikai and the Thistle Cup itself (1st and 2nd Dan) – the Thistle Cup offers many their first shiai experience as well as allowing more seasoned kendoka another chance to test themselves in the shiaijo. The founder of Aberdeen Kendo Club Kazuo Yamazaki-Sensei also travels from Japan every year for the event, and this year saw his wife Etsuko Yamazaki competing in the ladies taikai and 3rd and 4th Dan taikai.

Congratulations to our very own Gareth for winning silver in the 3rd and 4th Dan taikai, and many thanks again to Aberdeen Kendo Club whose efforts make the Thistle Cup possible year after year.