Shiraoka Kendo Kai

Coming Soon to a Dojo near you!


I thought I’d post an update for everyone interested in our beginner’s sessions.

I understand it’s been a very long time for some of you, and thank you for your patience.

So here’s the state of play.

The club is going to be able to partially re-open soon, though with reduced numbers and unfortunately with irregular sessions due to our venue being a part-time vaccination centre. This means we will not know from one week to the next whether we can get in.

Due to this, we will not be able to put on a beginners course right away. However, our current information suggests that this irregularity will hopefully go away over a few weeks especially on our Wednesday sessions which is the night the beginner’s course is held on. This will hopefully coincide with the further lifting of restrictions on August 9th, allowing us to increase the number of people in each session (a good thing as we have 10+ people who have expressed interest in starting).

Therefore we will be looking to put on our 1st post covid beginners session in mid-august.

I simply cannot overstate how happy I am to be able to give even a rough estimate to you.

I will post another update in a couple of weeks once we know how things are working in the venue and hopefully give a precise date.

Normally we’d already have a registration form up on our website, however, I won’t be putting that up until we know for sure that the further lifting of restrictions is happening on the 9th of August and that we are fairly sure that we are not going to regularly lose sessions due to the vaccination program.

Again, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been waiting patiently for bearing with us through this difficult time.


Gareth Spiers

Shiraoka Club Leader