Shiraoka Kendo Kai

Shiraoka Cup

I would like to invite all and sundry to the 2nd Shiraoka Cup.

This is take place on Saturday the 20th of April 2019 and will be a 3 person team event in the Kachinuki style. Entries are limited to 24 teams.

There will also be open keiko on the Friday night before and Sunday morning after.


In case you are not familiar with this type of taikai, Kachinuki is a winner stays in format where after each individual fight the victorious player stays on to fight the next player in the opposing team.

In the event of a draw, both players retire, unless one or both players is taisho (3rd player), in which case that fight goes to encho to decide a victor.

This category is open to people 16 or older.


On the Saturday there will be a juniors taikai also. This will be a round robin individuals scored by hantei.

This will be run in age-bracketed categories though we may adjust these closer to the time depending on number of entrants.

Age 6-10     -Scored by Hantei
Age 11-14   -Scored by Hantei
Age 15-17   -Sanbon Shobu

This will start after the team pools have finished. Hopefully around lunch time. It is recommended that Juniors arrive for the start of proceedings (09:30)

When and where?

The event will be taking place at the Sir Matt Busby Sports Centre in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire.

Friday 19th

20:00-22:00      Open Keiko

Saturday 20th

08:30                 Doors open
09:00                 Hall Open and warmup time
09:30                 Rei and Pools Start
17:00                 End
17:30                 Get Out!

Sunday 21st

10:00-12:00      If necessary complete taikai then Open Keiko

How Much?

The cost per team is £30

The cost for a junior is £5

How do I sign up?

You can sign up a team here.

You can sign up a junior here.

Who’s Registered so far?

Registered Teams

Registered Juniors


We are very thankful to announce that we are receiving general sponsorship this year from Toltec Systems Ltd.