Welcome to the website of Shiraoka Kendo Kai, a kendo dojo based in Bellshill and the only dojo practising kendo in the Lanarkshire area. Shiraoka is affliated with the British Kendo Association, the recognised national governing body for kendo in the UK.

The dojo meets every Wednesday at 8:00pm at the Sir Matt Busby Leisure Centre and is run by Gareth Spiers Fourth Dan Certified BKA Coach.

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If you are a practicing kendoka interested in coming along please first e-mail Gareth by clicking here.

Matsumoto Sensei Visit


Matsumoto Sensei 7th Dan Kyoshi visits Shiraoka Kendo Kai

Recently we had the great honour of having Matsumoto Sensei 7th Dan Kyoshi practise with the club. A very prominent and highly respected kendoka with decades of experience, Matsumoto Sensei was on hand to instruct and advise everyone on all aspects of their kendo – from presentation and fundamentals to cutting technique and waza. Matsumoto Sensei’s visit was a great pleasure and one that we hope to repeat in the future!